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Christmas Dinner
triumph event management hall.JPG
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 Capacity: 150 pax





  Table with cloth

  Chair with cover & ribbon

  Basic Platform

  Buffet Table                                                                               * RM 6,000 ONLY



  - Backdrop with Flower 

  - Walkway Pillars

  - Cake Table

  - Celebrity Carpet

  - Entrance Deco

  - Stage Backdrop 

  - Manavarai  / Bridal Dais (Pelamin Setup

  - Kolam 

  - Rajastan Entrance with Pillars

  - Rajastan Arch Entrance

  - Pillayar Setting 

  - Door Skirting

  - Entrance Table / Guest Book 

  - Side Scallops

  - Stage Backdrop 

  - Stage Deco with Cake & Wine Table 

  - Main Table with Table Skirting 

  - Flower Vase / Stand 

  - 10 Dim Lights                                                                                  * RM 5,999 ONLY

  Add On

  *Photo Booth

  *Projector & LED Screen

  *Wedding Car subject to model availability

  *Door Gifts 

  *Cocktail / Light Snack Serving (100 pax) 

  *Wedding Car 

triumph event management hall.JPG
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triumph extreme ballroom.jpg

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